Van Gogh Gin’s nose is somewhat straightforward— there’s a lot of citrus. Primarily lemon zest dominates, but a subtle background note of licorice root adds a nice roundness. Van Gogh Gin is a little intense with a bit of heady ethanol notes as well.


On the palate, the lemon notes do continue to carry the day. Lemon early, with juniper and a hint of spiciness mid-palate. Licorice builds around the edges ushering Van Gogh Gin towards its finish. Yes, plenty of lemon zest on the finish here, but a really interesting almond note begins to come through.


The finish of Van Gogh Gin is moderate in length, with almond being the final note that dissipates. There’s a pleasant and nicely balanced warmth. Van Gogh’s base spirit brings a little punchiness at the 47% ABV, but it never really takes over.

Van Gogh Gin 75cl

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