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Introducing St-Rémy Signature, the latest creation crafted by our Master Blender, Cécile Roudaut. With this blend, she sought to redefine the essence of brandy, exploring innovative production methods and novel aromas, all while honoring St-Rémy's rich traditions and its historically smooth character. To achieve this, a double maturation process was introduced.

The initial maturation occurs in new oak casks (Quercus Petraea species with a fine grain) under medium and high heat, imparting spicy notes, indulgence, and vivacity. The subsequent maturation takes place in traditional casks (Quercus Robur species with a large grain) exposed to high heat only, resulting in roundness, balance, sweetness, and a distinctive brandy personality.

The outcome is a harmonious, smooth, and fruity flavor profile, making it an excellent choice for classic brandy cocktails or innovative concoctions.



Radiant and bright amber, intensified by fiery red sparks.



A sweet aroma emanates from virgin wood, accompanied by spices like vanilla, coconut, almond, and hints of fresh fruits.



Subtle and smooth, with virgin woody notes enriched by honey, nut, and butter flavors. Fruity undertones start off fresh, transitioning into candied nuances. Sweet spices contribute to the overall roundness and balance.



Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. Its perfect harmony makes it an ideal choice for classic brandy cocktails or imaginative twists on traditional favorites.

St-Rémy Signature Brandy 75cl

ƒ81,25 Regular Price
ƒ65,00Sale Price
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