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Exciting News for Aruba: Seagram’s Escapes Now Available and Perfect for Aruba's Weather!


Get ready for the #1 bestselling and most beloved flavor, a true summertime essential: Jamaican Me Happy! This delightful beverage is packed with the sweet and refreshing tastes of watermelon, strawberry, guava, and lemon. Plus, its vibrant color is sure to make your Instagram stories stand out!

Seagram’s Escapes, the iconic flavored malt beverage known for its flavor, color, and relaxation, has made its way to Aruba! We're dedicated to creating products that enhance your "me-time" moments. With over 15 fruit-forward flavors, including the fan-favorite Jamaican Me Happy, Seagram’s Escapes is like having a piece of the beach in a bottle—simply open your go-to flavor, relax, and soak in the tropical vibes, no matter where you are.


Whether you're stocking up for a relaxing weeknight or gearing up for a tailgate, BBQ, or party, our sweet and refreshing flavors are the perfect choice for those who appreciate delicious taste and vibrant colors. With our wide range of options, you can always find a flavor and color to match your mood. Take Jamaican Me Happy with you wherever you need a splash of pink!


At a gentle 3.2% ABV, you can enjoy Seagram’s Escapes as is, or you can shake things up and use them as cocktail mixers! Elevate your favorite flavor with the spirit of your choice, or get creative with fishbowls, frozen slushies, and jelly shots. Seagram’s Escapes makes crafting delicious, Insta-worthy cocktails a breeze with its built-in flavor and color. The possibilities are endless, and Seagram’s Escapes makes it simple to bring them all to life, filled with flavor and color in every bottle!


So, sip happiness with Seagram’s Escapes Jamaican Me Happy, our most popular flavor, and add a burst of tropical joy to your day!

Seagram's Escapes Jamaica Me Happy 24/11.2oz

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