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Exciting News for Aruba: Seagram’s Escapes Now Available to Enjoy the Perfect Aruba Weather!


Discover the Classic Lime Margarita, a delightful creation inspired by your favorite cocktail, and the best part? No blender needed! It's tangy, delicious, with lime and tequila flavors that will make your Instagram stories stand out.


Seagram’s Escapes, the iconic flavored malt beverage cherished for its flavor, color, and relaxation, is now here in Aruba! We're passionate about making your "me-time" moments extra special with over 15 fruit-forward flavors, including the sweet and refreshing Classic Lime Margarita. It's like having a piece of the beach in a bottle—just open, relax, and enjoy the tropical vibes, wherever you are.


Whether you're unwinding on a weeknight or heading to a tailgate, BBQ, or party, our sweet and refreshing flavors are perfect for those who appreciate great taste and vibrant colors. With our wide range of options, you'll always find a flavor and color to match your mood.


At 3.2% ABV, you can savor Seagram’s Escapes as it is or get creative by using it as a cocktail mixer. Elevate your favorite flavor with your choice of spirit or try fun concoctions like fishbowls, frozen slushies, and jelly shots. Seagram’s Escapes makes crafting delicious, Insta-worthy cocktails a breeze with its built-in flavor and color. The possibilities are endless, and Seagram’s Escapes makes it simple to bring them all to life, packed with flavor and color in every bottle!


So, sip happiness with Seagram’s Escapes Classic Lime Margarita and elevate your Aruba experience one sip at a time!


Seagram's Escapes Classic Lime Margarita 24/11.2oz

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