Looking back to the origins of LOUIS XIII, the first decanter was inspired by a metal flask found by a peasant in 1850 on the site of the battle of Jarnac. Whose flask was it? Up until now, it remains a complete mystery. Some say it may have been a knight's property… others say the owner was one General.


LOUIS XIII Black Pearl is indeed described as flamboyant and elusive, transcending time with a glamorous design combining classicism and modernity. This unique crystal harbors at its heart a LOUIS XIII cognac that was aged in the "C100-29" century-old tierçon – a fabulous witness to the Century that has transpired.


Hidden since 1960 in a cellar located at the heart of the Grollet family estate, this extremely rare tierçon was one of the oldest in the family's personal reserve. It is said that you need fifteen thousand pearl oysters to obtain the queen of pearls. 


The fruit of nature, time, work and passionate people, LOUIS XIII Black Pearl is also of true rarity, which nothing or no-one can ever reproduce.

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac 35cl