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Malibu Original stands as one of the premier flavored spirits globally, offering a smooth and sweet flavor that perfectly complements your favorite refreshing cocktails. With the initial sip tantalizing your taste buds, you'll find yourself inspired to indulge in whatever tastes good, as you're greeted by the fresh, sweet essence of coconut. Whether you blend it with fresh strawberries for a flavorful daiquiri, mix it with orange juice and grenadine for a fruity Caribbean Sunrise, or simply enjoy it mixed with cranberry juice or cola, Malibu Original adds a delightful twist to any concoction. And of course, don't miss out on sampling Malibu Coconut in a classic piña colada—the quintessential cocktail to savor its sweet and refreshing taste to the fullest.

Malibu Original Caribbean Rum 75cl

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