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The emblem of the American bald eagle adorning the label hints at the treasure within. This majestic bird, symbolizing American freedom and independence, mirrors the exceptional quality of the Bourbon it represents. Crafted in limited quantities and revered as one of America's finest, this Bourbon stands alone as the sole recipient of a Double Gold medal five times over at the prestigious World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.


To earn the designation of 'straight bourbon,' strict criteria must be met. Aged for a minimum of two years, with an indication of age required if under four, and without any added colorings, flavorings, or other spirits. Eagle Rare surpasses these standards, maturing gracefully for at least a decade, each barrel meticulously chosen.


This dedication to excellence and extensive aging process ensures an unparalleled, tantalizing Bourbon experience. Its bouquet is intricate, boasting enticing notes of toffee, intertwined with nuances of orange peel, herbs, honey, and the comforting embrace of leather and oak.

Upon the palate, it presents a bold, dry profile. Subtle whispers of red fruits and honey dance amidst the candied almonds and decadent cocoa. The finale is a crescendo of vanilla sweetness and oak-induced spice that lingers on the palate, a testament to its rare and exquisite character.

Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Single Barrel Bourbon 70cl

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