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The Bottega Lemon Spritz is a delightful blend of prosecco, organic limoncello, and sparkling spring water. This cocktail boasts a refreshing aroma of lemons and citrus blossoms. In terms of taste, the cocktail is not overly dry but rather pleasantly fresh and juicy with a good effervescence.


Where to enjoy this Spritz?

Lemon Spritz is a ready-to-drink, low-alcohol cocktail with a pleasantly refreshing flavor. Perfect for sipping on the terrace or as a ready-made sparkling cocktail for any celebration. Serve it over ice with a sprig of mint and/or lime.


Curious to learn more about this Spritz?

Spritz is a true Italian classic among cocktails, with its roots deeply intertwined with the distant history and the Habsburg domination in the Lombard-Venetian kingdom.

Bottega Lemon Spritz cans 24/25cl

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