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Columbia Valley, Washington State, USA


Don’t wait till the weekend. Run Wild any day of the week with a vibrant red blend wine bursting with flavor. Our 14 Hands Run Wild Juicy Red Blend Wine is a fruit-forward varietal that blends red grape varieties with flavors of blueberry, black currant and blackberry that meld into a velvety finish. The 14 Hands Run Wild Red Blend Wine is comprised of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Washington State. Only a portion of the wine was matured in French oak to add structure and a layer of complexity, while the majority was held in stainless steel to preserve the fresh fruit flavors. The balance of acidity and well-integrated tannins make the 14 Hands Run Wild Juicy Red Blend Wine an ideal pairing with pasta with red sauce, Margherita pizza, cheeseburger and fries. A bottle of this vibrant red blend wine is 750 mL and has a 14.5 ABV.


Inspired by the untamed spirit of the wild horses that once freely roamed eastern Washington, 14 Hands wine represents a reconnection to our wild roots and endless thirst for excitement and fun. The loamy sand and gravel soils of the Columbia Valley require a strong and determined grapevine, and our vineyards revel this world-class terroir. With the fruit from these hardy vines, we handcraft big, fruit-forward reds and crisp, juicy whites. Like the untamed horses we honor with our name, our wild and wonderful wines pack a lot of character into each bottle.

14 Hands Run Wild Juicy Red Blend 75cl

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